Andréa Photo

Andréa Marcucci, Founder & CEO

Now available on iOS, LASTLOOK℠ is a private network for photo sharing, feedback, and approval.

The inspiration for the app came during Founder and CEO Andréa Marcucci’s years working in the film industry. While on set, Andréa would receive images for approval from various departments, all relying on emails and text messages to receive her feedback and approval. Unfortunately, this led to a lack of accountability and organization, wasting a huge amount of time and money. After seeing her colleagues struggle with this, and knowing that the problem wasn’t unique to the film industry, Andréa realized there needed to be an easier and faster way to get $#!^ done.


LASTLOOK℠ celebrates creativity and collaboration. In that vein, and in anticipation of the launch, we have created LASTBLOG, to explore the hidden processes behind creation and collaboration: How does inspiration come about? How is art created? How can artists learn from each other? On LASTBLOG, we profile the work and opinions of creatives in all mediums, as they bring their work from inception to completion, in order to come closer to answers to some of these fundamental questions.