Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, photo by Blossom Berkofsky

1. “The ideas are never too big, the budgets are too small.”
Justin Lowe

photo by Blossom Berkofsky


Laura Albert, Photo by  Laura Chivet

2. “Art is the opportunity to change the way you think, which means you can never be fooled…”
Laura Albert

photo by Laura Chivet


Diane Pernet at ASVOFF6 Tokyo

3. “I champion creativity. That is what interests me most.”
Diane Pernet



Black Acid co op - 2009

4. “We want it to have the quality of the uncanny. You know it but it’s different – like traveling through a foreign country might be.”
Jonah Freeman



Sebastien Leon, photo by Thomas Derain

5. “Most of the time I feel as if I donʼt control my work as much as I channel it, so I welcome accidents, limitations and explorations.”
- Sebastien Leon

photo by Thomas Derain